by Vitiate

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The debut album by Vitiate, the W.H.I.T.E. LP


released December 18, 2012



all rights reserved


Vitiate Brooklyn, New York

Hip-Hop artist turned audio engineer, hailing from Brooklyn, NY. Enjoy the art.

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Track Name: Underestimated ft. Killa T (prod. Nath ProdUKtions)
Your interests diminish cause I lisp with persistence/ but I spit with precision you dismiss em first listen/ I truly flow with a style grown beautiful/ but still don’t zone usual with my home studio/ Penciled in prescriptions for my medical conditions/ indelible description is professional with rhythm/ gained inevitable wisdom for an inseparable vision/ indispensable commission no defense in my decisions/ Yeah, Im deep in evidence of a speech impediment/ No cheap dependence on the very weakest elements/ the coke and weed affected what the sober me contested/ they used to laugh at me before my overseas connections/ when Vit played it was mistakes and mixtapes/ now vets think my shits great though I feel stuck in place/ I would never suffer less of hatred or blunder with uneducated/ but Im still living my life being so underestimated/

C) There will be no separation/ making hits in preparation/ till I had a revelation/ still waiting for my veneration/ spent every second deciated/ don’t think I ever celebrated/ ignored for every special playlist/ cause Im underestimated/

Mama told there’d be days like this/ like you locked up feelin like shit/ reminiscin things you cannot forget/ but the pain is the pleasure when its rainin together/ see the change in the weather/ takin a nigga for a joke/ not givin a fuck bout what he wrote/ little did he know that I put my heart and soul/ in this, flow and it, grows/ the hate does tryna find out what I gotta do for them to wake up/ maybe I should stop winnin all these contests/ stop doin shows and rock sets but Ah yesss/ That would make me similar to you/ the rap game is like a swimming pool that all the little niggas use/ and every days a hot day rippin into posses/ just because these niggas think Im passé/ don’t ask me for criticism on your track/ when you wont give a listen when I rap nigga fuck that/

Track Name: Great Whites ft. Dan Bull, Diabolic, KidCrusher, Anonamix, Copywrite & Klive Kraven (prod. Johnny U)
Improvise your illest lines, I did that a million times/ normally I kill design, importantly Im still divine/ Eliminate ya clique and crew, situations critical/ we will make a bitch of you, say you livin like a criminal/ and obliterate invincibles disintegrate invisible/ eliminate on principle, Vitiates the pinnacle/ Crush Kids Diabolic, Anonymous and misanthropic/ Copywrite a distant topic, fuck with us and get your top split/ choose to die in fights 2 dudes supplied a knife/ so if you double cross me Ill crucify you twice/ The way I dissect bodies I discard all the biology/ You still couldn’t play me if you starred in my biography/ A determined maelstrom and the quintessential foul one/ steal ya shit if it was just an instrumental album/ You better leave my ass alone when I pop mathaxolone/ and to even rap alone you gotta ask a chaperone bitch/
Look at these features, keen teeth like a deep sea creature/ and all I use em for is to eat pizza/ but Ill chew through you like an eager beaver/ makin a dam, hatin on Dan? Me neither/ Whatever your species I’ll leave you knee deep in feces/ you’ll find it hard to stay alive, Beegees/ You give me the heebie jeebies with ya basic bars/ how can someone like you believe he can chase the stars?/ youre face to face with Darth Vader/ Ill lace the space with bars way sharper than a razor bladed light saber/ Hi neighbor, it’s a nice day today but Im afraid/ its time for me to come and take your life away bruh/ you’re a 9th grader, I’m a skyscraper/ blowin up with enough force to leave a wide crater/ No matter how great you think you are Im greater/ your comebacks crap so come back and try later/
I don’t got an image, I wore these kicks 1000 times/ looks like I found em hangin from some power lines in Palestine/ now combine a little weed and Balantines/ then mountain climb atop a chemically imbalanced mind/ and this is how ya rhyme, watch the meteoric rise/ Rarely spotted, like Haileys Comet across the skies/ Ill tear the roof off even if the beams are fortified/ and resort to violence like the KGB would torture spies/
I’m getting drunk and Im talkin to a tombstone at midnight/ my head is sharp like a sharks fin and Im furious/ stalkin for my victims in the blind dark lake by/ torture, rape, Im a killer in the outback/ I be spendin all my time with all my zombies/ they be gettin, ready cause they never sayin shit just to make you sick today/ Im a Great White Shark, Im a cannibal/ fuck you little bitches with your tight bar censorship MOTHAFUCKA/
It’s the great white armed fleet with more sharp teeth/ than 101 re-runs of Shark Week/ turnin hard peeps into heaps of charred meats/ it’s the great whites hard speech rips apart beats/ charred Cardadon leavin large scars upon/ your face, can’t relate Im great like parmesan/ sharks this song, strong/ It’s Jaws on the mic, keep it raw when I write/ that’s the cause of my life yeah/
I don’t even know why I’m on this, Im not white/ I was born twice as dark as it got and got light/ Do not bite, that’s why I named myself Copy/ for you to Copys not right so you can ask the spotlight/ put em in the back, hit em with a bat homie/ thatll be a tragedy, he’ll die hard like a battery/ So don’t let your boys charge you up/ I ride the same truck as large Marshall sup/
It’s the art author, great white deep into dark shark water/ the arm vulture, my arms oughta transform instantly/ succumb to the synergy Ill provide your misery/ and sure you die in the ministry, shrouded in mystery/ Im an alien showin myself visibly/ but isn’t he putting himself in harms way?/ my fist hits anything in arms length/ I got hawk strength and the wits to outsmart death/ so defeating me is a long and hard quest/ I won’t be laid to rest/ until there’s a ten inch blade in my chest/ on some shit, like Brock Lesnar/ I rock fresher, you’re a cross dresser/ that rocks leather, in hot weather/ the skills too ill, you’re not better/ rebirth of a mothafuckin super shredder/
Track Name: Flamethrowers ft. R.A. The Rugged Man, Evil Intentions, & Bekay (prod./cut by White Shadow)
Revolutionize the market with brutal rhymes I harness/ few survive the conflict cause newer guys get tarnished/ one of the very few new dope artists spittin/ leave you more traumatized then some heartbroken bitches/ Expectin to dead ya before the bullet registers/ Im an intense menace and secular, etcetera/ when all of ya stock fails and a holocaust stops sales/ Ill be out throwin flames like a Molotov Cocktail/ beat you with a hammer to leave slightly torn nerves/ ascend into legend like the Might Thor…burn/ your previous girl hit me up, your excommunicated/ put my blessing through her anus and the sex exuberated/ If you love me and come free for some needs/ and Im the one pleased, that means you suck seed/ The magic I work with these words is all sorcery/ since Im Gods son, Im the heir of superiority/


Is like real or is really an illusion/ or should I rip out your appetite out of your stomach and begin the organ removing/ I’m like funky funky fresh, stupid def/ Im Harlem Apollo to the Hungarian opera house in Budapest/ Ill splatter any loser left and Im swiping up/ the fat bitches with the doo doo breath/ hop on the subway the 2 to the F/ when I do the do the damn thing I do it to death/ spit game, spit flame, so hot I burn Lucifers rep/ Lithium for the bipolar medical stabilization/ livin in a Ronald McDonald the Ronald Reagan nation/ its hard to stay focused you snakes in the garden/ we snake to the cobras, we pyromaniacs with flamethrowers/ fuck your opinions, fuck the Bill O’Reillys and fuck the Oprahs/ fuck the televisions trying to destroy culture/ with your ho on the pimp stro, you completely forgettable/ opposite of Nat King Cole, how many years I been pro?/


Formaldahyde like a guillotine my skill is clean/ spill your spleen while you squeal and scream/ a Goliath the Philistine/ kill your team and dump their body in the Philippines/ funeral march of Marionettes scary like cemeteries buryin death/ carrion beetles tearin their carrion flesh/ …embalm ya mama…/ …….. stand in the masses in the land of Damascus/ burnt like Angelas ashes mixed with Molasses/ sharp as a cactus rappin the fastest/ stabbing a Baptist grabbing ya caskets…/ …with a ratchet when I smash shit/ my soliloquies versatility we kill MCs willingly/ you aint as ill as me/ hostility to your abilities stomp you with agility/ like a human millipede, with incivility I kill the beat/


Yo what you imposters about Im mockin ya clout/ keep yo ass locked in the south with a fuckin mop in ya mouth/ when your bitch hop on the couch Im cockin her out/ the last man in a trash can like Oscar the Grouch/ I cant win the belt fast so Im stickin the champ/ I fuck the whole sound system, put my dick in the amp/ kickin the lamp, cause a blackout/ grab your girl in the craphouse, whip my sack out/ blow her mothafuckin back out/ a white trife wife beater rockin a wifebeater/ my advice on what to do with your wife? Beat her/ Call my name, fuck the wall of fame this the hall of shame/ its all the same lock rap like ball and chain/ Abortion your flossin my wordplay is simply awesome/ toss foursomes in a Creek like Dawson, take caution/ I hurt you whole, grab your chest and burst your soul/ you better play it safe like overdoses of birth control/


Schemin for a reason still believing Im a demon/ if you beefin then your leakin cause my heat is always seekin/ now your bleedin till deceasing cause Im ceasin all your breathin/ and Im Chiefin with my peeps and drinkin on the weekend/ probably think that Im sleepin but Im geekin like Im Tweetin/ go through green just like a vegan, getting head from Puerto Ricans/ call me Jesus when Im speakin cant believe it how Im beastin/ feast on MCs like theyre Reeses see the pieces in my feces/ you aint even with the thesis, my team is better on the regular/ competitor shredder to leave em deader than deader/ ahead of all the rest of the, bullshit rappin ass/ full clips blastin at ya whole drink magic act/ imagine that matter fact I shatter tracks rattatat/ leave you damaged flat then scamper back to my habitat/ itch couldn’t scratch a math or hold a flame, the flow is so insane/ hold up mayne, Anonamix now ya’ll know the name/
Track Name: Trading DEADline ft. B-Rhymez (prod. James Dean)
Order my magic so I can slaughter fine tracklists/ borderline batshit but called to rhyme drastic/ cauterized practice that stem from events/ that are often times tragic, cornerin faggots/ It’s what we do, our fortified lines/will have your mortified lives horrified by my rhymes/ what you do to beats is over glorified shine/ what we do to beats is verbal organized crime/Our passion outraps you, lastin through value/ no compassion for foul crews distraction from track fuel/ got scratches and rap tunes, attracted to bad news/ you got snapbacks and tattoos, I bring ratchets to whack dudes/ get crapped on and smacked too/ peel caps all on wax too, the raps catchin in my bad mood/ something I can hold till I collapse too/ perhaps I aint a typical rap dude speakin trap to down the map too/ this is not somethin you can fap to, nod your head straight from the back dude/

C)You can find us dealin the dope music so appealin/ bar for bar two of the best in any buildin/ could stop goin hard still expect to sell a million/ Tradin DEADlines a new form of killin/

Bomb atomically, logically, instrumental sodomy/ you gotta learn what got to these modern day Prodigy’s/ deeper than a Mobb of what you got from that spot in Queens/ Hypocrisies, honestly comedy I gotta pop the weak/ I always put Chris Brown and Rhianna on a greatest hits record/ Spin it and give it amazin rotation like ways to split Hephner/ cut the cheese Swiss cheddar, swear we spit better/ sick pressure to rip slick lyric letters/ Im like Hopsin with my content, Passion in a contest/ honestly the best while you rap on Youtube in the comments/ For Diddy, I probably couldn’t ghostwrite for profit/ cause Im too complex with more punchlines than wallets/ You’ll be stunned by 3 16s, we’re stone cold/ Ya’ll couldn’t get rid of these no mo so we givin the industry low blows/ So from Guiness to an LP, whatever record you created/ Ill be a diamond in the rough, pressure is debated/


You Can find us at your girls house when we’re job hunting/ we got more tracks than ya’ll got racks boy stop fronting/ Fanatical capitals, Dizazter like a Canibus battle/ This is how the Supernatural rap classics had this tackled/ if skills sold kill Gold, Platinum be a must/ Attackin em and such till no distraction that they suck/ I was born a decade late yet Im grateful for the wait/cause I aint hear a complaint or placement of mistakes/ I mean we rather might’ve come up in the era of Illmatic/ 36 Chambers but still I’m a ragin addict/ cause music is my opium, aint no changing that/ My place in rap shall be Everlast as Im aimin with the range of Nash/ aim for eyes don’t plagiarize, state of rhyme locked in state of mind/ cock and bang like rape and nines/ blatant lies are breakin lives/ Need to get evidence your precedence is dead presidents/ and penmanship that’ll represent over your femininess/
Track Name: Hazardous ft. Celph Titled (prod. Teknodrome)
Intoxicated boxer, you can call me punch drunk/ and you gon get beat down like some punks that tried to jump up/ I lift the pump up and pump slugs/ stickin my tongue out like a Michael Jordan dunk was/ King Kong on top of buildings smackin a chopper down/ while they spittin them chopper rounds, no stopping now/ known innovator, of mind control devices/ so my followers initiate the next historic crisis/ you say you got tricks up your sleeves but it’s just your bitch ass biceps/ in that white dress your girls ass is, oh so stickin out/ she a Bullmastiff, put a bone in her mouth/ In other words Celph Titleds renound as the best sharpshooter/ and harpooner who’s out now/ so workin out at the gym or make threats at this man/ and guarantee that sweat band will get wet fam/

C) Damage it, we’re hazardous, aint nobody bad as us/ accidents, contaminants, and pacifists are mad as fuck/ sacrilege commandin shit, and now they’ve had enough/ faggot shit demands disgust, knockin back whos standin tough/

Beautifully I dutifully drop scrutiny/ rude of me but truly free so please humor speech/ opportunity of stupid thieves crucially/ cant ruin me with feuds or beef choosy cluelessly/ no one realla boy I got that Dilla poise/ fillin voids when my skills deploy, and I kill for joy/ No shatown but I got that Illa Noise/ still employed but will avoid havin all the pills enjoyed/ invincible vicious and sick of all bitches/ scared to call me out just like subliminal disses/ Caucasian exoneration ragin in contemplation/ this contagion brings all the condemnation/ lyrical atrocity demolishing mockeries so sloppily/ the radio is not for me cause its full of mediocrity/ deception wont tell how my intensions befell / connected spells since I rule dimensions and realms/


You came whack more that urge to slay rapped words/ Im straightforward with crack verbs while you’re gay backwards/ I bet you felt vital when you went to a health trial/ your CD was on the shelf while I was spittin with Celph Titled/ saw your career was a dead pile cant sell smiles/ your life ends with my knife vile cause I just made you die slow/ cut with a spent razor if your only goal is to get paper/ held back a length later like an illiterate 10th grader/ I concentrate and show my skill to dominate the globe/ I postulate my flow to kill and vomit up your soul/ air and blood borne contagion you stand for invasion/ care and love torn away from despair formed the crazed kid/ precarious, gregarious, a character hilarious/ scariest in areas cause Vits nefarious, vicarious/ Painfully I came to be so blatantly/ but I should be called Based God cause your God is based on me/

Track Name: Evil Intended ft. Evil Intentions (prod. Infidel)
Enter the black tomb of mass doom/ leave you with stab wounds from rap tunes/ beat you like baboons with Bassoons/ bad mood, attackin and smack goons/ bet it start now, cloaked in a dark shroud/ chantin Kali Ma Im rippin your heart out/ still beatin, kill seasons eatin your organs/ while you’re still breathin, soaked in blood with smoke and drug snipers scopin thugs/

Go rugged blood soaked, Dro nugget blunt smoke/ smack those from the guns snow go for the gusto/ no you don’t want no/ drama from Anonamix Im bombin on the populace/ no stopping this apocalypse, dropped in piss/ with followers your noggin gets demolished/ shit apologies are nonexistent are brawlic with the all of it/ no stopping this awesomeness/ Evil intent, eat, sin, needa trip people listen/
C) Preachers and demons both leading to sin/ scheming and bleeding depleting within/ bigger guns used to make people consent/ we’ll never be through with this evil intent/ x2

People beheaded, discreetly defended/ my evil intentions are reaching to vengeance/ after completing my sentence you’re bleeding in sections/ got lethal injections for all people in presence/Seize up your death will please us/ and your bitch nailed me harder than Jesus/ Speak these words so heavily weak kinetic energy/ end pathetic legacies I spit aesthetic ketamine/ You rode the Cru to fame so you suck Ces/ Im a god Ubiquitous that you come test/ Intense in our hatred, we’re death incarnated/ not content scars faded talent is hard placement/ I turn my dogs on you to leave blood in the sand/ got em trained like your bitch to come on command/ Razor slice in painful fights to take a life/ raped ya wife, berated twice for not brainin right/

C) Preachers and demons both leading to sin/ scheming and bleeding depleting within/ bigger guns used to make people consent/ we’ll never be through with this evil intent/ x2

Brutalized corpses make putrefied organs/and humans die often cause few survive torture/ Set perspective, gone like effervescent/ reached consensus on your stretched intestines/ Curses in, no alternative to murders kid/ or tourniquets for occurrences with services/ Certification of the best verbalization/ murdered the herb when I heard his location/ Corpses and organs distorted abortions/ portions of rawness your contortions are flawless/ sendin weapons then the devil is the specimen/ render that adrenaline as medicine/ first cocaine had helped me flirt with pain/ then I blew outta my mind like Kurt Cobaine/ Stroke the rope to close ya throat/ gloat once they rule that I overdosed on dope/

Track Name: Vintage (prod. Teknodrome)
Some supposed the undertones of something old above my own/ but I covered rogue, your skills are still undisclosed/ I was a sophomore scorin and I never got more borin/ you report more in jerkin off to softcore porn an/ thought more often about forcing raw sword crossin/ sought more coffins to make you show more caution/ legendary kid who’s incredibly thin/ but about to come up in NY like Jeremy Lin/ I already got too far above all other rapstars/ fans make noise like sports fans in packed bars/ You got to lose, no attitudes just cock and shoot/ I get it in more than Moroccan prostitutes/ on a higher frequency, dogs feel the beat with me/ beef with me, every hole will be bleedin evenly/ I need a vision when no pleas are given/ Ill always be obeyed like Florida speed limits/ first we start with sex for days hit our separate ways/ and if her parents ever meet me they pray it’s just a phase/ till then Im getting praise, no way the pressure stays/ cause unless she wants the dick then there’s no incentive gained/ ridiculous the stimulus Im given to a clitoris/ indescript, meticulous Im pleadin my innocence/
Revitalize the 90s, make your clientele despise me/ I privatize designing, make your life inside colliding/ I got an actress on a mattress/ attack it and bend her over backwards/ Sure he is so furious and purely sick/ curious what made him into such a surly kid/ no comments they put on were positive responses/ but now Im the bomb and the compliments not stopping/ Pan back, no planned act if you stand trapped/ aint got no bland raps, anthrax, Xanax sad facts/ just a fam strapped and all my fans clapped cause/ Im free flowing like a girl who lost her tampax/ reasoning is deceiving as even things/ unexpected as what the seasons bring/ One guy would take me lightly, then I spanked his wifey/ then when her thighs were slimy, I stuck it in her psyche/
I aint no amateur rapper you faggot and actor/ turn you into a cadaver right after my laughter/ attackin me, that’s your poorest decision/ my form and precision leaves you torn in an instant/ youre stuck at home jackin off to porn as Im dissin/ it’d be too easy to re-kill any born again Christian/ The best effect of livin check to check/ is that I get the most direct intense respect/ My raps amazing, don’t dare be aggravating/ Ill leave you without ya breath like Patrick Swayze/ that’s degrading, the image you find captivating/ is when I got my cock and playing with it masturbating/ No more compliments paid till your confidence fades/ common sense states queers stay outta my way/ Speech indignant reach persistent deep collisions/ just come back to me when you wanna keep it vintage bitch
Track Name: 90's Baby (performed by B-Rhymez) [prod. Teknodrome]
Chargin up the ladder rather large when they scatter/ round the charts here and after Im revealed as bar clapper/ B-Rhymez defined by deep hearted raps, the chatter sparks/ after dark show and prove till I mastered the art/ no project past like Im purposefully preachin hood/ not many war stories Im just really freakin good/ speakin as only I could leak, a nearly sperfect spit/ but not the kinda person you would last tradin verses with/ metaphor war when I talk to guys/ wishin this could tell the sellers, prophesize our profit size/ walk the line appeal with rhythm, mics, and reality/ visualizing the realism of life in actuality/ My style bring a reflection of the old ways/ golden age microphone power, controlling showers/ of the colder days, the ways displayed unfurled/ the most beautifullest thing in this world/

B) I wish I could go back, relive the days of a different way/ this can be promoted, I hate what it’s become/

C) I would like a place where I can go and learn the art/ be who I am, clap my bars/ act not through strangers but through my heart/ Im a 90’s Baby, a product of Protect Ya Neck/ Im a 90’s Baby, tell em how it is with no regrets/

You nice here, get more love/ the Mecca of the universe, New York blood/ where Im from, the talk of the moment gotta seize/ where lotta things made in China but few of us Chinese/ Game face, say grace, defining my main space/ Me, Nas, Q-Tip, residing from the same place/ Kool G, Mike G, 50, Havoc, Prodigy/ DMC Dynasty, franchising probably/ but I have not made it/ wait until the unfoldin of my story when I make it/ rated and glorified throughout the hearing of my statement/ you’re failin to find a teen as lyric orientated/


It’s my world and I won’t stop/ and if you stand in my lane ya ankles get bopped/ bodies will drop in Hip-Hop cause Im a likely virus/ exposin rappers that are closet hos like Miley Cyrus/ Hell keepin me sleepin to hide my demons shout/ what we about, Im breathin something unpleasin Cleaveland drought/ meet my scheming revealin/ lights camera action, attackin where Im creepin/ leakin all that Im dreamin bout, the secrets out/


Safety, my farts coastin/ cause Im dumpin on 90% of ya’ll the way Im bar flowin/ wipe my ass with pics of megastars large and noticed/ tape it to my wall and practice my dart throwin/ leave the charts open, who next for money huh?/ no food at the table guess who hungry huh?/ blue collar honor Metropolis dollar shit/ how many other brothas you know rappin with a scholarship/ B gon give it to ya/ no homo only spit/ showing rifts of only glowing growing out my closing lips/ on the microphone Im sick, flowing mind controlling it/ and when my time is up Im hoping Gods like ‘Holy shit’/

B) Where Im from, we keep it real/ today sucks, that’s how I feel/ in the words of Rakim, here’s my cause/ any MC who disagree with me wave ya arms/ x2

Track Name: Rampage (prod. Ill Majestic) [cuts by TMB]
Seem to make a SNAFU to deviate from whack dudes/ alleviate the bad news appreciate in value/ start with slaying and piracy, end with invasion of privacy/ containing it violently to be enslaving society/ write a suicide note and they find it beside ya/ kill 99% like hand sanitizer/ I dominate the globe though, you lookin at my photos/ you hit on men only that’s the motto you a HOMO/ Take an undergraduate and Ill fuck her immaculate/ sufferin the accurate and mastered with the passionate/ if you have leveled audacity and the mental capacity/ itd be a more special calamity if the instrumental would battle me/ Drastic efforts and massive pressures for classics records/ bastards render with a lastin sex thirst, passive never/ callin the dead savants, spirits fill me like Pentecost/ retstartin the Renaissance, retarding the lesser thoughts/
Slaughter a seyance your daughter is plain hot/ the perfect mixture of order and chaos/ Sickest in the world Ill leave ya hurlin/ if I was lookin for a comeback it’d be off your girls chin/ Im curling enough weight to leave the world bent/ putting rappers in camps for internment/ My skills never 2nd, Im ill and majestic/ if it aint Phil in ya presence youre deaded and headless/ Her pussy is pink and its seemin delicious/ theyre screamin when I sink my teeth into bitches/ no rapper alive or dead can compare/ cause mathematically V= MCs squared/ I handled more bread in one night as a cashier/ then you have in your whole whack rap career/ Why is A$AP Rocky where Aesop Rock needs/ have you beg for mercy like the way the beat screams/
Tell me how unhealthy it was when you felt free/ one skit of mine outshines your whole LP/ Im a god that slaughters other rappers though/ know that the Bible is autobiographical/ Rippin off your bones, showin no control/ throwin the first stones then swallowin your soul/ concentrate to dominate, fate they’re not mistakes/ resurrectin Hip-Hop, guess that makes me Common place/ as efficient as time goes, an aficionado/ asphyxin the bar ho, a dick she did swallow/ my mannas infested with whats manifested/ that’s infected with my bad intentions, manna corrected/ Got damaged parameters of mismanaging amateurs/ compare to the stamina when phantom fam vanishes/despair the plan mastered it, tearin bad cameras/ saw more change in the streets than random panhandlers/
Track Name: Ambition ft. Steven Cooper (prod. Teknodrome) [cuts by TMB]
There’s more ambition in me so sick with these city rhymes/ been workin at it, a habit that became my 9-5/ I never settled kept pedals pressed to the metal/ rebels up in this industry, YEAH BOY GET WITH ME/ most liked the idea before the rhyme but never/ before the time just a thing on the side whatever/ you’re here for cheddar, Im here to get steady better/ that’s the difference if you’re listenin, it’s hot when I rock so listen in/ now Im blown, the man of every hour/ It’s 24 then Im out the door, Jack Bauer/ won’t spit if the tracks sour, we dip in a fat shower/ cause it’s off the the next rocket no sleep just hop to the next concert Im on it/ so put me on with this Im never soft in this/ Im just a columnist, a starving kid empolished with these bars I spit/ Yeah, and I aint even at my pinnacle/ you cynics are sickening sicker sitting here is pitiful/ Yeah, so here’s a message not subliminal it’s coming through your speakers just let it rock your physical/ hard work, prepare for the rise/ Im laying bricks to the sky one day at a time/
Pain and damage when I first came to make advancements/ I was demanded, now I got connects to Kansas/ Was getting less than ten hourly as my head salary/ contend powerfully has always been my mentality/ Go ballistic and rip some flipped simplistic rhythms/ opponents are convinced Ill be a victim to the system/ Had a heart of coldness that I turned into a spark and motive/ started at the park to mold it into a part of closeness/ operatives and compliments on positive accomplishments/ gain cockiness and confidence when I deposited some honest shit/ unstoppable, regardless of any obstacles/ I made it on the honor roll so nothing is impossible/ never damaged by a weak caption or had managed an elite captain/ but I sacrificed my sleep pattern for a complete action/ not an artist gloatin and I never started perfect/ but theres no doubt that now Im one of the hardest workin/ my friends are deadly, evolution of a revolutionary/ too loose to test me or be my secretaries secretary/ Cant file some, even when Im the foul one/ if you doubt my skill, I’ll wait while you replay the album/
Tell devotion from the amount of self-promotion/ I helped with felt emotions to be well and focused/ I targeted the hardest cliques and marketed/ my awesomeness to the music my heart is always in/ I turned a noble investment into a global connection/ gonna make my fans scramble for my total collection/ When Im only on one playlist it creates frustration/ famous or not Ill never give in to complacent/ pure artistry is a sure part of me, the allure honestly/ is bursting fresh, like I cut a pure artery/ discerned and concerned Ill be determined/ hurt when I was deterred a perfect person/ It’s a bit impossible to tread light and carefully though/ but Ive still managed to overcome any obstacle available/ Steadily ready and expectin me successfully/ essentially the best until my life essence leaves/ Indecisive, when it comes to the violence/ this is a crisis, so don’t try to deny it/ there’s no compliance but Im still delighted/ just fine shit, doesn’t matter if Im bein righteous/
Track Name: Far Away (prod. Nath ProdUKtions)
Woke up and reached over to caress you/ realized it was a dream, karma came to collect dues/ got out of bed where we stood pouring sex/ grab my phone just to leave you a good morning text/As a couple we were empowered for better/ jump into the tub where we had first showered together/ Never expect this way, when I would caress and taste/ your breasts in this same room, feels like just yesterday/ walk into the room where we sit and watch Youtube/ who knew you’d be in my life so crucial/ Put the necklace you gave me on and take the avenue/ saddest move still following what your parents choose/ know this land, when it was cold we planned/ to walk the whole stretch together, always holding hands/ remembering admiring your impressive looks, had me hooked/ feeling you near me as I retrace every step we took /

C) Far Away

Advancing crushes in our past discussions/ as I near where we hid from advancing buses/ walk the same route you did that day of the blizzard/ realize you’re the only reason I’ll ever miss winter/ plenty of steps to reflect on this journey/ it’s not even 8, why am I stressin this early/ still thinkin how badly I wanna be your only spouse/ feel my heart ache more as I pass by your old house/ finally make it, walk in to the same place/ that we kissed every day for almost 5 months straight/ only significance is what my love makes/ pass by all the girls before you that were blind mistakes/ sighing since I wish to prevent you got hurt/ take a minute to feel all our pictures in my locker/ never clashin, you’re my everlasting passion/ this thought stuck with me as I rushed to my first classes/


Sitting in the same room as you were a year ago/ spiritual, since now Im holding back all these tears to flow/ don’t know why today it’s been a bit worse than usual/ truly known that you were never less than beautiful/ On my phone no displayed text, guess you aint awake yet/ in case you have work Ill call you soon for a safe bet/ In the meantime I’ll remember all of our lovely sights/ you running down these very halls to grip and hug me tight/ or the sticky notes you’d leave me just so I can laugh a bit/ or the time I proposed to you, to make it more immaculate/ or when you intended to show up unexpected/ or when you showed me your work I was always impressed with/ I know we’ll get through whatever high water or hell brings/ whip out my phone to call you when the first bell rings/ a rarity to find a love like this, spoke carefully/ re-dialed to wake you up so you can answer me/ no mistaken, I love your voice when you first awaken/ the one part of my day to just be pure elation/ you say ‘good morning baby, I know its hard to stay’/ I’m just sorry to say that you’re so/

Track Name: Missing Persons (prod. Nath ProdUKtions)
Solemn, a monster with an honest problem/ an admonished toxin with a demolished conscience/ They think that it’s a game, that in fact there is no pain/ I feel distracted and plain when I touch our cracked picture frame/ The stress that’s really worth it which I confess has yet to surface/ digress I feel deserted although you’re exceptional and perfect/ Told few, but when I wake up at night I reach out to hold you/ realize Im close to, the edge of my mind that shone through/ We’ve had callous crimes performed against imbalanced lives/ like it’s foul inside we were denied each other’s presence on Valentines/ Is it anger is it hurt, one in the chamber to make it work/ feels like danger and a curse, like Im a stranger when we flirt/ I try to be relaxed but catch anxiety attacks/ violently I collapse till this side of me retracts/ No issues, or misuse of trust between lovesick fools/ no way to explain this other than…I miss you/

C) It feels like Im headin toward the end of the line/ Im runnin out of options and Im runnin out of time/ I gotta make moves, in the worst way/ don’t call the curtains on me it’s only the first stage/

Inside of me stress is waitin, why we’re violently separated/ despisingly estimated why Im only crying and dead in hatred/ Cause for the grace of your warm embrace/ I return to this morbid place where courses wait/ to torture fate and scorn with faith/ in the poorest way with all my thoughts disgraced/ Your comments give me promises and Im astonished by your confidence/ but Ill be honest since Im not content, Im not positive we’ll accomplish this/ I cry whenever your presence is sensed/ depressed intensive since all my best friends are dead/ there’s no set date so your memory brings chest aches/ no end takes or X-Rays can even heal my breastplate/ no intense ways on best days or sex tapes/ can’t invent plays to come up with less pain/ the pain of Columbine, difference is Ill stop in time/ but when Im in your absence it only makes me want to die/


Indelible times, feeling your body pressed against mine/ a heaven sent find with a temperament fine/ Fear shows here whenever the tears flow/ a pierced soul when she comes to call me her hero/ missing you awfully as your memories haunt me/ never presently fought me just tenderly pouring/ love and consideration, your touch is an inclination/ of lust or appreciation, never enough synchronization/ I yearn for you till every nerve ending hurts/ when worlds ending burst or I earn a blending curse/ Not a bitch or aggravated, never switch to acts of hatred/ my perfect fit is calibrated, not a bit exaggerated/ My imagination was elsewhere at your graduation/ thinking how I could free you while you were being congratulated/ Distinctive for a certainty, instinctive you wont be hurtin me/ my decision is that I wanna be your husband for eternity/

Track Name: Goodbye (prod. Rez the Silverback)
Seems rough, but I don’t feel enough/ to shed a tear, blood, or conduct/ myself like any of you were important to me/ you could be corpses who bleed but unfortunately/ you never meant a thing to me, and so vividly/ I remember no signs of love or sympathy/ For worse or better we spent 4 years together/ saw all of you at one point give in to pressure/ I was your lust, crutch, love, just/once remember your promises to stay in touch/ I offer advice and get caught within vices/ thought I was nice but when Im lost in a crisis/ no sign of assistance or nod to my existence/ even though you claimed that realness is a given/ mostly dwell on the fact that you don’t know me well/ oh, this is for the class of 2012/

C) Here’s a lullaby to close your eyes/ it was always you that I despised/ x2 (Goodbye)

They tempt me with the pleasure they provide/ clever in their lies and seductive with their eyes/ To them its calm pats and flirty contact/ to me it’s beyond that to an internal combat/ So many are super promiscuous, ridiculous/ but what would I give up just for some stimulus/ felt it low, just needed self-control/ or someone out there who really has a helpful soul/ Temptation for a basic sensation/ emplacement of my strengths to attempt to end hatred/ but Im overwhelmed and bitter/ because my goal so known in scriptures/ labeled an addict to this fatal attraction/ feel like Im disabled from action/ Wanna cut you off but Im yearning from my limbs/ cause its either be unfaithful or I burn another bridge/


Memories are a collage and happy a mirage/ used to pray to a God who would never respond/ the same old façade to get me involved/ because around you, the whole world revolves/ even with the doubts and pressure put in every ounce of effort/ by allowing letters my hearts content for/ a mix of guilt and incentive fill my perspective/ youre so inattentive and will is deceptive/ what will cross your thoughts in retort to when we talk/ that caught me off the course and left me reportin lost/ Its dangerous to me, your mind changes with the breeze/ wanted me to go away but now Im all you need/I still would crawl inches over torn syringes/ and thorn pinches just to see you long distance/ but being on the phone a few minutes and not home to live with/ it makes me wonder if you’e really committed/

Track Name: Sweet Dreams ft. B-Rhymez (prod. Creation)
B) Every other night Im buggin/ not dreamin the sweetest dreams. I cant even clear my head I cant even sleep in peace/ when I rest my head at night the night is far from over/ not dreamin the sweetest dreams Im lookin for some closure/

This dudes here to win, with beautiful stripped limbs/ I only choose to sin cause I got Lucifer within/ dead and Ill still flow, instead from the window/ something different every time my head hits the pillow/ For real doe, Im sittin here dreamin my head is schemin/ believing Im barely breathin but creepin like Ima kill though/ but chill no, lo and behold aligning my silo/huette, checkin my sweat hopin I control the gift though/ the gift being my sanity harder to maintain/ The shits like a tragedy, the flesh in my brain/ the rest may be pain/ With no morphine injected/ with poor things connected like more seems affected/ Poor things connected in your mental/ while you thinkin all the functions need to work like how whores need erections/So they’re pantsin me, in a trance and fantasies/ don’t answer me when I carelessly drop the parodies/ So consider this shit…Nah consider me sick/ cause Im contemplating ways on how to face my mind tricks/ Like a Jedi, no kindness within a crisis/ my heads pitch black, I cant find shit/


Initiated, now beats and stages get eviscerated/ simple hatred of those that had equivocated/ Dude who rocked the Boondox got the mood hot/ the crew shot a few vids and never let a feud stop/ The next to die ahead of time specialize in genocide/ people recognize that better rhymes they’ll never find/ Support the wife who lives with me, no mystery/ creating beats like symphonies, crush competition pitifully/ normalcy and awkwardly will coincide accordingly/ the core of me importantly will be of the poorest breed/ No exclusion of doomed pollutants or circumlocution/ execution of stupid humans a beautiful illusion/ Spineless bastards mindless masses meet demises faster/ when lives get shattered stab the eyes of all rappers/ Patiently Ill wait till this is engaged but c’est la vie/ crazily and angrily recite the sweetest dreams are made of these/


The sound at night frightening when Im lost for words/ darkness climbing why it cost my nerves/ eyes open, see nothing but Im duckin nocturne/ and I don’t need to be enlightened why I toss and turn/ Burn, baby burn she started it from the mouth/ no not disco inferno it’s what she did to my house/ burn, baby burn, flame blazing amazing/ how Im boutta wake up from raisin out of the pavement/ My, loyalty levels are lower then losing leverage/ from standin above underhanded by gloves of love/ keepin me secret from demons tastin my blood/ or very capable of like label fables that crush/ Dream, after dream, never the sweetest thing/ killin all your progression revealin murder regimes/ plottin the course of action forever the weather change/ and when you let it get to you you’re never ever the same/

Track Name: Awe-Tistic ft. Dan Bull (prod. Nuttkase)
I never asked for the symptoms of Aspergers syndrome/ It attacks where it hits home and acts worse when Vits grown/ give vocal indication that I hate social situations/ never found someone like me who was close to inspiration/ Im cold in operation, cant hold a conversation/ or untold observations that stole my concentration/ Im at the feeble border between creepy awkward/ and a deeper art form whenever people offered/ combined attacks, I cant keep eye contact/ and I combat life with wannabe edgy and violent tracks/ simple mimicry to mask I show little empathy/ presently indifferent to everything from love to methamphetamines/ compassion died while murder makes me laugh and smile/ passers-by will make me keep my head down for massive miles/everything needs to be put back in order and placement/ can barely stand alone since I totally lack coordination/

C) Me, I'm living with autism/ and all the world's a stage for which I never auditioned/ Me, I'm living with autism/ My brain plays a syncopated change of pace to your rhythm/ Me, I'm living with autism/ and these bars formed the cells of my mental prison/ until I saw I didn't need to be forgiven/ For being me, and living with autism/

I rap abusive and keep actin stupid/ cause its how I keep away in the back reclusive/ say I condone murder to stop all my co-workers/ from hanging out or making our relationship go further/ I wanna end all the morbid thought proportions/ and make another artist paint a portrait of the autist/ People plan and specialize to try and understand and recognize/ but then they find theyre unprepared and question why/ Cant give a voice to the voiceless or make a life story pointless/ just say that I am disappointed and always devoid of enjoyment/ no one witnesses my intricate mental differences/ no bridges between myself and the Olympians or limitless/ marked as heartless but Im a victim/ caustic as a pale autist who has been given the harshest criticism/ there’s no need to show sympathy or pity me/ just don’t have it be a mystery the day that Im gone instantly/


I've said it before, and I'm ready to tell it again/ in my lowest moments, I'm my own best friend/I wanna connect with the people around me, the people that doubt me/ but being in a loud scene with a crowd screaming around me/ is totally overwhelming, to the point where I feel I'm drowning/ the sea and the fear surround me, the cheers are bringing me down deep/ But now the crowning glory is how the crowd applaud me/ applause resounding all around the sound is out of the ordinary/ kind of like my personality, til I learned it wasn't a tragedy/ these mannerisms and Danielisms are things that make me actually me/ an atom within the matter that's spanning the seas and planets and galaxys/ and that isn't an allegory, we're all composed of energy and it means/ the planet's a can of beings, with infinite different varities/ so why are me and V seen as a difficult bit of society/ nah fuck that, - we're the facets in the diamond/ while you're on the mountain shouting, you can't see the fact we're climbing/

Track Name: Suicidal Failure ft. Chris SoSick (prod. N1Goon)
Sittin in the bathroom sayin goodbye to my loved ones/ 200 advil, a curse that cant be undone/ Told my girl I loved her before the vomiting started/ the pills and bile mix as I await the departure/ My stomach is burning and churning and hurling/ swirling up the pills and the blood and it’s becoming concerning/ the world spins around me as I begin to get drowsy/ all I can hear are my ears ringing loudly/ Im in trouble I stumble as my sight starts to crumble/ and then I rush to the window in an attempt to let go/ See a view of the city and I cry as I pity/ those still existing and the people who are now living/ the pain is ascending, with God Im amending/ this is the way Im directing how my life is ending/ enough of the stalling to become the dead/ I leaned out the window and jumped from the ledge/

C) Im wasting away/ just seconds away/ I, hated my whole life/ hated my whole life, hated my whole life/ Im wasting away/ time to escape/ I, hated my whole life/ hated my whole life, hated my whole life/

Waking up slow and very tense with my movements/ look around to see Im in an intensive care unit/ and within that Moment I notice 6 bones are broken/ family right there and giving condolence/ concluded paining Im still hallucinating/ Communicating that every slight move is draining/ In a daze all day just how hypnotized feels/ weeks to pave my way into solidified meals/ I was retaught how to walk and speak again/ instead of the suffering keeping me weak and dead/ I get a positive response and a possible dentate/ being visited by surgeons and operable savants/ as soon as I could I was ushered into psychiatric/ they’re finally at it, a cure to whatever I had contracted/ but in two weeks I was free to breathe real air again/ but thinking it was over was nothing less than arrogant/


Regained the lost weight, more tapes where my thoughts lay/ wrong way of life when you’re afraid of your hallway/ all while I would seem cold, feel the healing of my weak bones/ went back to wearing street clothes and climbing up the deep holes/ Than three more surgeries guaranteed to remove hurt with ease/ no certainties worse disease that keeps cursin me/ My focus left, close to death, no content the necrosis spread/ mostly bled only said that I should go home instead/ The operation failed and they severed an artery, dismembered me partially/ can’t amend the hardest piece so they walked away with a part of me/ Writing this in 2012 still without my sense of smell/ intense to tell and far beyond any normal expense as well/ Wracked my brain for a cure, end the pain I endure/ my life is drained to be sure, the hatred so uncontained flowing pure/ cause eventually Ill end up in the morgue as a new arrival paler/ until then Im dying every day as a suicidal failure/

Track Name: The Vitiated (prod. Infidel)
Constructed this disrupted coverage/ disgusted blood gives up to the corrupted/ pain is given, raped the system, shameful writtens/ great description im still embracing atheism/ violent mistakes, no crisis debate or dying in place/ Ill lie to your face even when lives are at stake/ I led a clever life, evil watching the tender fight/ and whoever said I bite is close, Im actually a Cenobite/ bust a ton of fuckin nuts on ugly sluts/ puckered up to jump my gun then they’re gonna pump for cum/ her guts succumb when I come bust my scum/ no love gets spun cause I just cut and run/ sought cadavers for the thoughts of massacre/ no secret those who face me are often amateurs/ bleedin at the feet of all these demons/ my fans are the Vitiated so come join the legion/

C) Vitiated, come display it/ enough of hatred, separated/ expect to be, clemenated/ no exceptions, reparations/ most connected through our anguish/ most direct in presentations/ some major threats we are facin/ come stand up, The Vitiated/

Blessings of essence and resting intended/ no sections for peasants or ending deception/ Death and hatred, estimated/ presentations, catch the vapors/ intensive anger, impressive bangers/ present danger, end and slay her/ We’ll spit a multi-syllabic rhyme pattern/ split a faulty incident till his eyes shatter/ Disgusting and Im awkward Ill fuck it if its walkin/ even if it’s a corpse then it doesn’t change a portion/ inclination worn to inspiration drawn/ greatest in his form, dangerous to warn/ been a mix of atheist and Satanist since born/ famous kids get torn and plagiarists face gore/ cowards devoured Im shouting for hours/ I am corruption, corruption is power/


I got quotables and braggadocio/ like a couple 69in I’ll still go blow for blow/ engaging raging, still craving slaying/ you’re displaying praying, slayings fading/ deadly and impressive, legendary essence/ every famous artist is my celebrity apprentice/ slowly done with holding guns/ and opium in mostly a few tons/ Youre cancerous, music is hilarious/ answer quick when asked if you’re a fan of this/ rancid shit, we leave gods abandoned quick/ plan to rip up limbs while on an acid trip/ incredibly inventive but mentally demented/ especially connected to tendencies eccentric/ All people welcome, don’t include stupid kids/ cause to be us, you must know what true music is/