Flamethrowers ft. R​.​A. The Rugged Man, Evil Intentions, & Bekay (prod​.​/​cut by White Shadow)

by Vitiate

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Single featuring R.A. The Rugged Man, Evil Intentions, & Bekay. Was produced and cut by White Shadow.


Revolutionize the market with brutal rhymes I harness/ few survive the conflict cause newer guys get tarnished/ one of the very few new dope artists spittin/ leave you more traumatized then some heartbroken bitches/ Expectin to dead ya before the bullet registers/ Im an intense menace and secular, etcetera/ when all of ya stock fails and a holocaust stops sales/ Ill be out throwin flames like a Molotov Cocktail/ beat you with a hammer to leave slightly torn nerves/ ascend into legend like the Might Thor…burn/ your previous girl hit me up, your excommunicated/ put my blessing through her anus and the sex exuberated/ If you love me and come free for some needs/ and Im the one pleased, that means you suck seed/ The magic I work with these words is all sorcery/ since Im Gods son, Im the heir of superiority/
Is like real or is really an illusion/ or should I rip out your appetite out of your stomach and begin the organ removing/ I’m like funky funky fresh, stupid def/ Im Harlem Apollo to the Hungarian opera house in Budapest/ Ill splatter any loser left and Im swiping up/ the fat bitches with the doo doo breath/ hop on the subway the 2 to the F/ when I do the do the damn thing I do it to death/ spit game, spit flame, so hot I burn Lucifers rep/ Lithium for the bipolar medical stabilization/ livin in a Ronald McDonald the Ronald Reagan nation/ its hard to stay focused you snakes in the garden/ we snake to the cobras, we pyromaniacs with flamethrowers/ fuck your opinions, fuck the Bill O’Reillys and fuck the Oprahs/ fuck the televisions trying to destroy culture/ with your ho on the pimp stro, you completely forgettable/ opposite of Nat King Cole, how many years I been pro?/
Formaldahyde like a guillotine my skill is clean/ spill your spleen while you squeal and scream/ a Goliath the Philistine/ kill your team and dump their body in the Philippines/ funeral march of Marionettes scary like cemeteries buryin death/ carrion beetles tearin their carrion flesh/ …embalm ya mama…/ …….. stand in the masses in the land of Damascus/ burnt like Angelas ashes mixed with Molasses/ sharp as a cactus rappin the fastest/ stabbing a Baptist grabbing ya caskets…/ …with a ratchet when I smash shit/ my soliloquies versatility we kill MCs willingly/ you aint as ill as me/ hostility to your abilities stomp you with agility/ like a human millipede, with incivility I kill the beat/
Yo what you imposters about Im mockin ya clout/ keep yo ass locked in the south with a fuckin mop in ya mouth/ when your bitch hop on the couch Im cockin her out/ the last man in a trash can like Oscar the Grouch/ I cant win the belt fast so Im stickin the champ/ I fuck the whole sound system, put my dick in the amp/ kickin the lamp, cause a blackout/ grab your girl in the craphouse, whip my sack out/ blow her mothafuckin back out/ a white trife wife beater rockin a wifebeater/ my advice on what to do with your wife? Beat her/ Call my name, fuck the wall of fame this the hall of shame/ its all the same lock rap like ball and chain/ Abortion your flossin my wordplay is simply awesome/ toss foursomes in a Creek like Dawson, take caution/ I hurt you whole, grab your chest and burst your soul/ you better play it safe like overdoses of birth control/
Schemin for a reason still believing Im a demon/ if you beefin then your leakin cause my heat is always seekin/ now your bleedin till deceasing cause Im ceasin all your breathin/ and Im Chiefin with my peeps and drinkin on the weekend/ probably think that Im sleepin but Im geekin like Im Tweetin/ go through green just like a vegan, getting head from Puerto Ricans/ call me Jesus when Im speakin cant believe it how Im beastin/ feast on MCs like theyre Reeses see the pieces in my feces/ you aint even with the thesis, my team is better on the regular/ competitor shredder to leave em deader than deader/ ahead of all the rest of the, bullshit rappin ass/ full clips blastin at ya whole drink magic act/ imagine that matter fact I shatter tracks rattatat/ leave you damaged flat then scamper back to my habitat/ itch couldn’t scratch a math or hold a flame, the flow is so insane/ hold up mayne, Anonamix now ya’ll know the name/


released November 25, 2012
All artists verses written by their respective performers, song was fully mixed and mastered by Daniel Moser. Instrumental constructed by The White Shadow of Norway, cuts done by The White Shadow of Norway.



all rights reserved


Vitiate Brooklyn, New York

Hip-Hop artist turned audio engineer, hailing from Brooklyn, NY. Enjoy the art.

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